Touleassi Sidonie

Village: Amou Oblo

Age: 50

Occupation: Head Seamstress

Mama Sidonie is one of the founders of WWEC.  The idea for the conference developed from the women’s group that Mama Sidonie started with a Peace Corps Volunteer in 2010.  She motivated and mobilized her group members to seek information pertaining to their health and the health of the members of their families. Due to her motivation and continued efforts to keep the group members participating in meetings and weekly exercise sessions, the idea of a regional women’s conference evolved.

In her own words:

My life changed a lot after the conference.  Before I bought anything I wanted, earrings, whatever. Now it is not like that. I learned how to economize at the conference.

After the conference my self-confidence has risen.  Before I doubted myself and thought I lacked something. I wasn’t happy. I don’t know if its god who gave me this but now I am proud of everything about me and I am always happy.  I must be proud of the person god created and who I am.


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