Djatko Akouvi Aoulatou

Village: Amlame

Age: 20

Occupation: High School secretary

Aoulatou was able to receive her high school diploma and get a job as a result of the WWEC program.   In Togo, in order to graduate from high school and progress into University, each student must pass a country-wide examination called the BAC.  In 2008, Aoulatou failed the exam (failing the BAC II is very common in Togo, especially for females).  After participating in the WWEC program she decided to return to school and take it again.  The final question on the exam asked about women’s empowerment.  Because she had just spent four days discussing the issue in French at the conference she was well equipped to properly answer the question.

After the conference, Aoulatou started communicating to her husband more.  They no longer have petty fights based on the issue of money.

In her own words:

My favorite part of the conference was yoga because it permitted me to heat up and open myself to the world. I move my muscles while I’m doing yoga.

My other favorite part of the conference was learning about Moringa (a very nutritional plant that is easily grown in Togo and helps ease illness symptoms) because I heard it on the radio but never knew the exact plant. At the conference I learned what it was. I talked to a woman with a sick child about it and I dried and pounded the leaves to give it to her. After some days, the child’s health had improved.

Then the same woman got pregnant again and I talked to her about spacing her children farther apart (family planning).  I talked about using condoms but her husband refused. I also told her to go to the hospital to get a type of birth control. I got my husband to go talk to her husband.

After the conference I want to incorporate family money management into my life.  I talked to a hairdresser who was making fun of me because she always has her hair and nails done and I don’t. I told her about useful and useless spending.

Everything we did at the conference was for the advantage of us women.


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