WWEC 2013 Updates

The 2013 Women’s Wellness and Empowerment Conference participants have been selected! We’re excited to invite 26 women to participate in this year’s conference. Thank you to the numerous Peace Corps Volunteers who nominated these strong, passionate women. Our participants represent 10 different ethnicities in Togo, speak over 17 distinct languages, and range in age from 21 to 50. The majority of these women work as farmers, housewives, or merchants. Additionally, they demonstrated leadership through work with organizations like Red Cross, Village Savings and Loans Associations, churches and other community groups.

When asked about problems facing women in their communities, participants cited illiteracy, keeping young girls home to help at the house rather than sending them to school, and lack of respect from men. One woman stated that “people don’t like when women speak out” and another declared that women are responsible for an unfair portion of the workload in families, calling it “economic violence”.

These are some of the many issues we plan to discuss during the 2013 conference. Through educational seminars, group discussions, and skill-building sessions, we hope to further develop these women as leaders and agents of change in their respective communities.


With a little over a monthleft until WWEC 2013, preparations are well under way. If you haven’t already donated, please visit our donation site. We are close to reaching our fundraising goal and making this conference a success!


“En effet, je voudrais participer a cette conférence pour partager mes connaissances avec les autres femmes, apprendre aussi des autres femme; échanger les expériences.”

In effect, I would like to participate in this conference to share my knowledge with other women, to learn from other women, and to exchange experiences.

Pascaline BASSABI, WWEC 2013 Participant – Kara Region

“En effet, je v…

Aridja comes from the Kotokoli community of Badou, a group that represents about half the population of the town but is seen only on the “fringes” of society. As one of the few women in her community who speaks French, Aridja is a role model for others. She is often seen at the hospital accompanying a Kotokoli woman who has come to give birth. My hope is that WWEC will give Aridja a legitimate platform on which to bring ideas and practices back to the Muslim women of Badou.

Erin Dumas, who nominated Aridja TAMBO – Plateaux Region

Aridja comes fr…

She has so much potential. I know she will take what she learns and bring it back to Asrama to better her family and community. She is a kind and hardworking woman. I know this opportunity will change her life.

Jennifer Bent, who nominated Adjo Titi SENOU – Plateaux Region

She has so much…


Press release about Women’s Wellness and Empowerment Conference 2013.

What is WWEC?

The Women’s Wellness and Empowerment Conference (WWEC) is an annual conference in Togo, West Africa that brings women from every corner of the country together, educating and empowering them through sessions that highlight the importance of physical and mental health, economic independence, women’s rights and self-esteem.

Peace Corps Togo Volunteers work in conjunction with empowered, professional Togolese women to plan, organize and execute the conference.

WWEC 2013

In its third year, WWEC is moving to one national conference. This year, 30 new participants from all over the country will join the elite group of over 100 women that have already been a part of this legacy. During the week-long conference, we will discuss the challenges that these women face and how economic independence, stronger physical and mental health and a greater self-confidence is not only possible but essential to creating the next generation of women leaders. The conference will also overlap with International Women’s Day and participants will have the opportunity to celebrate by organizing a community presentation to share what they have learned with the greater community.


Donate to WWEC 2013!


The site to donate for WWEC 2013 is now live! Please support the women of Togo and donate today to help enhance their lives. All contributions are 100% tax deductible.

“I’ve participated in conferences in the past but this was more than a conference; for the first time, I had an opportunity to take time for myself, have fun with my sisters, and reflect.”

“Before, I thought changing my skin to be like a white woman would make me a beautiful person, but after the conference I learned that I am beautiful how I am, inside and out.”

“Before the women’s conference I would not speak up in a large group.  Now I am confident, and I want to share my ideas with others.”